This Boy Caught a Merman Review

At its very core Kono Danshi, Ningyo Hiroimashita is an anime about loneliness, a feeling all of us have felt at one point or another in our lives.


The main character of the anime Shima is a boy who has lived his life pleasing those around him and has worked his hardest to not do anything to make those around him uncomfortable. Shima thought his life was perfect until a life-changing event as a child caused him to have to live his grandfather. Unfortunately for Shima, however, his grandfather has just passed away and he believes he has no-one he can rely on anymore. Shima even though he has many friends at school feels isolated and cannot understand why that is. Shima has friends and yet Shima feels alone and he doesn’t understand why he feels alone. Then Shima meets a merman who saves the boy from drowning not long after his grandfather’s funeral. Seeing how miserable Shima is the merman decides he will stay by Shima’s side so that the boy will not feel alone.

Loneliness, as I have written, is something we have all felt and I do believe that that most painful of loneliness is experienced when we are in the company of others. If we walk our lives wearing only a mask that we show the world and never let our true selves shine through, then I think we will feel lonely because no-one we know will ever know our true selves.

Hiding our true selves from the world will keep us safe from some harm this is true, but though we might be avoiding one form of pain we leave ourselves open to the pain of loneliness.

This anime is not only a feast for the emotions but for the eyes as well. I must say I have not seen an art style as pretty as this series since I watched Gankutsuou, that being said the color pallet is a lot less garish and has a whimsical almost fairytale like feel to it.


As an introduction to the yaoi and boys love genre I can highly recommend this short ova. That being said the yaoi undertones are not so much in your face that I can also recommend this series to a non-yaoi anime fan as well who wants to watch a short anime that will give your heart string a good strong pull.

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