The Gravity of Gravitation

My first viewing of Gravitation began a shift in me as an anime fan. As stated in Why Yaoi? it was the first yaoi (or more to the point with the anime series at least Boys Love) series I watched and sought out to watch. What can I say? The show had a gravitational pull over me and it’s fans.

This anime for many older anime audiences was the gateway into the boys love genre and if you read the manga and then also happened to track down the doujinshi by the author you probably saw more than you thought you would when it came to yaoi.

The manga was first released in Japan to the public through Gentosha’s Kimi to Boku magazine from 1996 to 2002 and then getting a manga release not long after. For English audiences we got the series initially from 2003 to 2005 with it still occasionally getting reprinted today due to the series popularity with western yaoi fans.

In 1999 the manga received a two episode OVA series released by Plum, Animate Film, SPE Visual Works, Sony Magazine and Movic. The series, as well as an adaptation of part of the story of Eiri Yuki and Shuichi’s relationship, also featured the now fan favorite songs ‘Blind Game Again’, ‘Smashing Blue’, ‘Spicy Marmalade’ and ‘Shining Collection’. The songs Blind Game Again, Smashing Blue and Spicy Marmalade was composed by Mad Soldier and performed by Kinya Kotani. Kinya Kotani would later go on to sing the songs ‘Blaze’ from Tsubasa Chronicles and the theme song from The Princess from the Birdcage Kingdom, ‘Ariel’ as well as the theme song to the second season of Tsubasa Chronicles.

2000 saw the airing of the full television series from Studio Deen, a studio I have noticed throughout the years has been attached to a lot of my anime favorites (although I have also noticed their work becoming at times a running gag within the anime community for animation errors). The theme song to the series ‘Super Drive’ was performed by Yosuke Sakanoue and unfortunately other than an official music video for the song on YouTube I have not been able to find very much information on him. Kinya Kotani returns for the ending theme ‘Glaring Dream’ and also provides the singing voice for Shindou Shuichi.

With all that has happened through the years and the stress I found myself in during my late teenage years I honestly cannot remember what year I watched Gravitation online, I think it was either 2006 or 2007 but honestly looking back I cannot be one hundred percent sure.

So what is it about this yaoi series that has fans constantly coming back? If it is the ‘hot yaoi action’ they are looking for, well outside the doujinshi by Maki Murakami herself you won’t find much if anything in the manga and there is next to nothing of that nature in the anime minus one dream sequence in the OVA. For me as a fan, it is the story and the characters that have kept me coming back to the series. All the characters in the series play off each other in an entertaining and enthralling way. When something happens you want to know how it is going to affect not only those directly involved but those who are close to those involved.

A perfect example of this comes in episode 6 appropriately titled ‘Shady Scheme’. Our main character Shuichi is tricked and attacked by a jealous rival and this one event begins with the domino effect of character development. We see just what Shuichi is willing to go through to protect his lover Yuki and we also see in turn the reaction of Hiro, Shuichi’s best friend get pushed to a point of anger that we had not yet seen to this point. We also see a big change in the cold standoffish Yuki at the end of this episode as well as he shows his reaction to this news when Hiro confronts him on not protecting Shuichi. There is even more character development after this episode but to go further into this would move me into spoiler territory.

Though not always completely balanced the series does do a fine job juggling both comedy and dark drama without going into black humor territory which could have easily happened with this story. There were many moments in the series where I got a good chuckle at the characters especially our lead Shuichi with his hyperactive and over the top personality but there were also moments that had me holding my breath and others still that had me on the brink of tears.

The Gravitation Remix and Megamix are defiantly something that I must talk about while reviewing this series seeing as I am a yaoi fan and this is where you will find the bulk of the yaoi in this series. The Gravitation Remix and Megamix are a rarity within the yaoi and doujin world in of themselves, because they were created by the original author of the series Maki Murakami. The creator made these works based on her own work because she wanted to push the stories more hardcore scenes with the characters from her series. Remix and defiantly the Megamix Doujinshi are not soft fluffy yaoi works, they are very hardcore;. with themes of masochism, sadism, abuse, incest and rape not to mention this was for me at least the first time I came across ‘internal shots’ during a sex scene in any form of media. Basically what I am saying is that if you don’t want to read this kind of material within the franchise you do not have to because they do not add anything to the overall plot of the series but they are there as a bonus for fans of the series that enjoy these kinds of stories. If you are interested in reading these I do recommend starting with the first remix as it is the tamest of the lot, but is not exactly tame by yaoi standards, be ready for some hardcore yaoi.


On the whole I believe that Gravitation is a perfect first yaoi for anyone new to the fandom, the anime series and manga can ease the viewer into this kind of stories and if they are left wanting to go further down the rabbit hole that is yaoi they can continue the Gravitation journey with the Remix and Megamix Doujinshi series which are easy enough to find online, if you know where to look of course. Also never watch the anime dubbed, just trust Mistress on this one folks. Till next time have a yaoitastic day!

17 Replies to “The Gravity of Gravitation”

  1. […] for certain pairings) that I learned of an anime being subbed online and posted on YouTube called Gravitation. After the first episode I was hooked on the characters and from that point on I was waiting each […]


  2. Awesome show. This was my first too, followed by Junjou Romantica. There’s something wonderfully appealing with Gravitation.


  3. Ranting Crow says:

    Oh wow.
    Now I am not into the Yaoi though I can understand somewhat of why it can peak some interest. (yes I gave it a shot)
    Your writing is with a passion and sure puts it out there. And it does make me wonder why we see so little of it. Would it not be great to at least have more post about something we share love for.

    Yeah we need more like you who talk about something with a passion. Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. LitaKino says:

    AHHHHH yes so agree about perfect introductory to the yaoi world loved hearing your thoughts on gravitation 🙂


  5. Arria Cross says:

    I can’t be sure if this was my first yaoi series. . .I have a feeling it wasn’t, but it certainly is one of the first ones. Aaaaaaaaah. It makes me so nostalgic. I agree with you, it’s a good introduction to the BL genre because it’s not too intense or hardcore like some of the other ones. Anyway, thanks for submitting this post to the Fujinsei Blog Carnival. I hope that you participate again next one. Cheers!


  6. Cat says:

    Oh, nice to see a review about this show! 😊
    Oh man, I remember those doujins by her, they were my first hardcore yaoi manga, was I in for a shock! 😂
    This series is so nice, and indeed a good introduction to the BL genre, just like Gakuen Heaven, though I do wish the manga had finished properly :/
    Ah, the days when we has to watch Sukisho and Papa to Kiss in the Dark because there was nothing else animated 😂 Though thanks to that I got to know Ai no Kusabi, so I’ll call it a win in my book 😊

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  7. Jill says:

    I love love love this series. While the art shift is MASSIVE in the manga, and the anime is very inconsistent in Shuichis hair color, the story is amazing, and the quality of fanfiction behind it is stunning. The characters were big enough on their own that they could be molded into their own stories.

    Ive read a number of feature length, multi chaptered fanfictions, that are not smut based and they only added to my love of these characters. The angst and the love and the perseverance are stunning, and I will never not love this series.

    its different from Junjou or Sekaiichi on the premise that its not an immediate ‘i love you, i love you too’ type deal. When I read a Fanfic where Yuki says ‘i love you’ i paused cause all fans know he wouldnt come out and say that!

    Apparently the manga is still continuing, online on Gonzo… the link is on wikipedia but I have yet to be able to access it. EX Volume 2 was published in Germany though. And with the revival of TokyoPop hopefully the series would be picked up again.. Fingers crossed!!!!

    P.S. There are more DJ chapters, but are not translated to english yet.


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  11. […] The last piece of Yaoi News comes from Nozomi Entertainment with an announcement that was made at Anime Expo 2018! Boys Love Classic anime Gravitation is getting a Blu-Ray release! This is beyond awesome news because it will give a new generation of yaoi and boys love fans a chance to own a piece of boys love history on Blu-Ray! I went into the importance this title has to fans of yaoi and boys love in the early 2000’s in my review of the series, The Gravity of Gravitation. […]


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