Month: May 2016

Rotten Boys’ High School Life

The official website for the anime adapting Atami Michinoku’s boys-love fanboy manga, Fudanshi Koko Seikatsu (Rotten Boys’ High School Life), has announced the series’ premiere date of Tuesday, July 5th. It will run on AT-X, as well as Teletama, KBS Tokyo, TVK and Sun TV, repeating on AT-X every Thursday,

Forgettable Princess Jellyfish

I promise the next review will be a more positive one, but I just finished this series for the first time a week ago and I wanted to get my feelings about it on here while it was still fresh in my mind because sadly it feels forgettable, which really

Objection! Why I dropped the Ace Attorney Anime

Expectations are a funny thing, if you set them low you can sometimes find a gem but if you set them too high you can be setting yourself up for disappointment and unfortunately that is the case for me when it came to Ace Attorney. I thoroughly loved the first

The Yaoi Fangirl that fell in love with Bara

Yaoi is a fantasy most often created by women for women. Bara is a fantasy created by men for men, or at least that’s how it started but the lines between fantasy for both are as blurred and mixed as the type of people that enjoy the medium itself. I have

Saikaku’s Edo-era tales of gay samurai love reimagined for a modern audience as Boys Love manga

This was a fascinating and informative, a must read for anyone in the yaoi community

Serialize Thyself – Duvet = Daughter to Father

What if I told you before reaching out for Chisa on the wired, Lain was trying to reach out to someone else in her life? Someone close to her that felt so far away because of the disconnection she felt at the beginning of it all? What if I told

Delusion is Reality, Reality is Delusion – Chaos Head

Those Eyes…. whose are they? An anime that exists in the shadow of the much loved Steins Gate, as well as the underrated Robotics Notes, is Chaos Head, an anime that questions the reality of reality itself through delusion and mental disorder. A series where nothing is ever what it

What defines a ‘Guilty Pleasure’?

Over the past couple of weeks I have been watching ‘Everyday life with Monster Girls’ on Crunchyroll and strangely enough, found myself enjoying the series immensely and getting a good laugh out of it, even though I can clearly see how bad the series is, so I suppose then it

Kiss of Fire – An Introduction to the work of Youka Nitta

When I was but a newbie to the wonderful world of yaoi I happened to stumble upon an art book while on a trip into the city to explore a shop I had been told sold manga and anime items, sadly the store no longer exists but I still have

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