Month: June 2016

I’ve Entered the Hype Train

Rotten Boy’s High School life is the series I am most excited for this upcoming Summer 2016 season, I mean come on it’s a comedy series about a male fan of yaoi of course I’m going to watch it! As soon as I heard the concept for this one I will

Ai no Kusabi (1992-1994) – Boys Love Classic Review

This is part one of my three-part review of Ai no Kusabi. This first part will cover my introduction to the series through the OVA released in 1992 and 1994 in Japan, the second part will cover the light novel series and the third will cover the 2012 four episode anime OVA. Also

I Delved Too Deeply Into Property Brothers Fanfiction So You Don’t Have To — pudding shot

  This was too fascinating a read to not share with the rest of the yaoi lovers out there. I must admit this gave me some giggles and I don’t mean towards the author oh no, just the sheer hilarity in knowing…. well I’m not the only one who thought

She and Her Cat, Me and My Cat

Sometimes it is the simplest of moments that can be the most profound and precious to us and from the work of Mokoto Shinkai I get the feeling it is these precious moments that are the message of his films. How precious but a moment can be is something we

Let’s Talk About Orlando

I know this is an anime blog, but I feel as an ally and supporter of the LGBT community here in Perth, Western Australia and as someone who myself identifies as non binary , I feel I need to talk about what happened in Orlando. At first I honestly did

Super Lovers Season 2!!!

So it would seem the season finale of this seasons Boys Love hit Super Lovers had a surprise at the end of the episode for fans and no need to worry this is not a plot spoiler! The series has been confirmed for a second season to air next year

A Brief History of Fanfiction

This article was specially written for the third Blog Carnival, I hope everyone enjoys this post as it has been a work in progress I must confess for a couple of months. Research for this has been so much fun and I look forward to seeing what everyone thinks of

Delays in New Posts and life issues

Due to laptop issues earlier this week as well as needing to look even harder for employment (yes I am long term unemployed, it is hard for me to find work due to having a bad back) I have fallen behind in my writing of the next few reviews as

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