Month: July 2016

Support Sentimental Trickster an English BL Visual Novel — Nice Job Breaking It, Hero

  I am super late with this, but, about a week ago an indie game developer actually reached out to me on twitter about their new 18+ BL visual novel, Sentimental Trickster! As you all know I am a lover of all things BL, so best believe I was over

Fanfiction Rec 3 – Roommates

Upon my confession of being a fan of transformers yaoi, you all must have known that eventually, I would recommend a Transformers Yaoi Fanfiction! Now I could have gone with a fanfic involving my transformers OTP, that being G1 Starscream x Skyfire but I decided upon a more recent pairing

Life with Anxiety and Change

This was probably not the kind of post you guys were expecting from me this week but this is something I have been wanting to write for a while and with the recent big changes happening right now for me, now was as good a time as any to get

Sex Pistols – Yaoi Anime Review

The first time I experienced disappointment (though perhaps that just isn’t strong enough a word for how to let down I was) in the genre of yaoi was a sad one for me because it just did not fail, it stumbled at the starting line and immediately alienated any chance

My Pokemon Gym Tag – The Hidden Dark Type Gym

I want to thank Two Happy Cats for tagging me in this fun little Pokemon tag going around, which has given me the chance to share my unorthodox idea for a hidden gym available only to trainers upon defeating the elite four. Perhaps a bit presumptuous I’m sure but I’ve been inspired

My life as a Yaoi Fangirl – Busted Mum Knows my Hobby!

My mother discovering my yaoi hobby involves of all things, the Sensitive Pornograph manga. (yeah you know this is going to be a good story). It all goes back to my first job, which of course was in fast food. My first job was at KFC and I must admit

Sweet and not so Innocent – Sensitive Pornograph

Definitely not innocent, my fellow yaoi lovers. The title of this favorite within the yaoi community is just so perfect for the manga that is a collection of short yaoi stories and the one episode anime OVA. A mix of sensitive and sweet stories with a pornographic twist, but it

Fanfiction Rec 2: Of Broken Steel

Sometimes it takes one person’s madness to save us from our own insanity, but if that is the case which is truly insane? This was the thought that came to my mind upon finishing the Batman X Joker fanfiction Of Broken Steel by The Adorable Joker, (love that username, I must admit)

The Time of the Fujoshi is Now!

If the latest news from Anime News Network is anything to go by we are living in a time where it is great to be a fujoshi. Let me explain why to those new to the yaoi fandom. Not too long ago we were lucky to get a new yaoi OVA every

It’s Official I’ve Decided on a Blog Schedule

Up until now my posts on this blog have been fairly sporadic at best, so I’ve decided to give myself and this blog a schedule and it will be as followed starting this coming Friday Sunday  Anime / Yaoi Review – Pretty self explanatory Wednesday Random Musings – This will

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