What the hell is Gakuen Handsome?

Yay, I’m doing a first reaction post for a BL series that is airing this Fall season, what you didn’t know there was a BL series this season? I suppose you can be forgiven for that, but if you have chosen to not watch this series based solely on the art style, you are missing out on something fun!!!


Gakuen Handsome is a series that is completely self-aware of what it is, a parody series that plays with common tropes within the yaoi and boys love genre, but it does not just play with these tropes it takes them to the extreme level of sheer hilarity. (I could not stop laughing watching the first ep, even the opening is a brilliant parody of the BL genre and anime aimed at women)

Based on a BL dating game of the same name with an almost cult-like following the anime itself is the end result of a crowdfunding campaign and met its goal within five days but kept going with more stretch goals, the end result being the anime you can now watch on Crunchyroll.

Each episode is just over three minutes long including the opening and end credits but manages to through as many yaoi tropes and jokes at you while keeping a coherent and fun narrative. I am definitely looking forward to seeing where this series will go and put this down as a must watch this season as well as Yuri on Ice!!! for any BL and Yaoi fan.



4 Replies to “What the hell is Gakuen Handsome?”

  1. I found Gakuen Handsome funny, yet disturbing at the same time. Didn’t know it was a parody though. Thanks for the info!


  2. […] Gakuen Handsome is a perfect example of a comedic deconstruction of the boys love and yaoi genre and Excel Saga could be seen as a comedic deconstruction of anime itself and the popular tropes and trappings for the era it came out in and Magical Girl Ore is not the first anime to be a comedic deconstruction of the magical genre the pseudo-sequel to Excel Saga, Puni Puni Poemy is an excellent previous example of this. What I am trying to say really is it feels like too many anime in recent years want to be the next big dark edgy anime to take the fandom by storm and seeing this comedic series air this past season felt like a breath of fresh air. […]


  3. […] anime that I can put on and know will put a smile on my face. In the past, it has been anime like Gakuen Handsome which always had me laughing within seconds of that ridiculous theme song starting or This Boy is a […]


  4. […] bed laughing might leave you just sitting there rolling your eyes, but if you enjoyed anime such as Gakuen Handsome and the recent Magical Girl Ore and these shows had you laughing then I would recommend checking […]


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