Month: November 2016

Song of the Wind and Trees – Boys Love Classic Anime Review

An original Boys Love classic that can be compared to such literature classics like Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov, that is how I can best introduce you my reader to the story of Kaze To Ki No Uta, also known as  Song of the Wind and Trees. First published from 1976

Fanfiction Rec 10: A Gentleman’s Kiss

My favorite comic has ended, I mourn the end of MTMTE. When a series comes to an end many fans mourn and though I know the series will sort of continuing on, the end of MTMTE for me feels like the end of an era. All Hail Megatron was my

Isle of Forbidden Love – Yaoi Manga Review

Aki is a Jittemochi, a commoner of Edo with the power to arrest and he is helping investigate a series of mysterious murders in Edo. He is a man with a frightening past in which he was kidnapped as a child, what does this have to do with the current

Does the Kiss make it a BL Series?

Now that I have fully recovered from this weeks episode of Yuri on Ice and that ending that well made quite a splash online (#yurionice was even trending on twitter for a couple of hours) I must admit I found myself thinking; Does this make Yuri on Ice a BL

Fanfiction Rec 9: It Goes Both Ways

So far my Fanfiction Recs have been very drama heavy and darker stories, so this week I would like to present It Goes Both Ways by Yaoihamkitty a fun little role reversal fluffy yaoi story. What do I mean by role reversal? Well in this fun little romp an older Misaki gives

9 Non Yaoi or BL Titles every Fujoshi Should Watch!!!

It was not too long ago my readers that we would have to wait years for the next Boys Love or Yaoi series or OVA to come out. In these dark times, fujoshi like myself would have to get our ‘feels’ from other anime. The following nine anime are the

Fanfiction Rec 8: Breaking Free

Breaking Free by MissCHSparkles is no light read, but a 40 chapter Transformers G1 yaoi epic!! (and it is not the longest fanfiction I have read, that goes to a piece in the Yugioh fandom) Also on a side note, this fanfiction does go into OTP territory for me, as I entered the world of

What I’m Reading: The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy

I’m so happy I’m finally writing about my favorite webcomic – The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy is a webcomic I have loved for a couple of years now and is a series that really needs more attention than what it gets. If you are a lover of classic superhero comics from

Sports Anime Takes Yaoi Community by Storm!!!

You could easily be forgiven for thinking Yuri on Ice!!! is a BL series with all the attention it has already been getting from yaoi and anime fans alike on social media. Any anime community you are in you will find people talking about this series, from tumblr to Facebook

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