Month: March 2017

Spring 2017 Anime Season: What I’m planning to watch!

Well I cannot say I am surprised by this fact, but it seems the one anime I am looking forward to in the coming season is the one series I have seen absolutely no-one except anime news sites write or talk about. That being said I will get to that

Zetsuai / Bronze – A True Classic of the Genre

As I do with all my reviews I get my feelers out there and read various other opinions on what others think of a work before I start writing my piece, one is to see if others feel as passionately or dispassionately as I do about the subject I want

What I’ve been Watching in March!!

To say that my experience with reliable internet has been torture since the move last year would be a joke. I really do not know what was worse, the constant cut outs, the snail pace speed that rarely got above 6Mbps or my brothers constant complaining when he kept trying

Be-Boy Kidnapp’n Idol -Does being a Classic make it Good?

Today’s review is about a boys love anime considered by many as a classic of the genre, but does being a classic make it a good anime? Well no actually.

Another 9 Non Yaoi or BL Titles I Recommend for my Fellow Fujoshi!

Well it would seem my lovely reader, that my other list considering of nine lovely recommendations for my fellow fujoshi has been one of my most popular posts, and I did promise we would take another look into some fun anime that I just know you will enjoy, maybe if your lucky you

He is a God on a Mission – Priapus

Zeus is not happy with the state the world is in, he is disappointed with humanities disposition for conflict, war, and cruelty so he wants to put an end to the human race. The only problem, this Zeus does not like bloodshed (I say this because if you are familiar

Fujoshi Comedy Gold – Butter Lover

Go watch Butter Lover before reading this post, trust me you will love it, then come back and read my thoughts on it!

Boku wa Konomama Kaeranai – Boys Love Classic Review

This boys love classic from 1994 can at times be a difficult one to recommend, and I can assure you it is a must watch. This is not because of its subject matter but simply because it is known by two English titles. Some know it as ‘I Shall Never

Fanfiction Rec 13: Memories of You

I really wish there were more yaoi fans in the Fallout 4 community. Fallout 4 is by far my favorite game for the PS4. Don’t get me wrong I loved Final Fantasy 15, I really did but there is just something about Fallout 4 that pulls me in more. I

Stories From a BookShelf

In among the second hand literary classics on my bookshelf such as Dickens, King and Pratchet; as well as the occasional non fiction book on philosophy and modern subcultures sit’s a collection of brightly colored visual novels. These are a small part of my yaoi manga collection. All these books

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