Month: May 2017

My Thought’s on the Recent Tokyo Ghoul ‘Controversy’

I swear some anime fandoms are more toxic than the Steven Universe fandom. Yes I am going down this route and this will be a bit of a rant post about recent events in the Tokyo Ghoul fandom, but the message of this post goes to all shipper’s yaoi or

Thirsty for Love – Yaoi Manga Review

If you are looking for a fluffy yaoi story, look elsewhere. If you don’t want to read a yaoi manga that involves a sexual relationship with a female classmate as well as a male then don’t read this manga. If you are looking for a manga with an emotional pull

My Sexual Harassment – Boys Love Classic Review

Junya Moshizuki has landed an amazing entry-level job at a big company and what makes it even better is one of the managers, one that he looks up to and admires has taken an interest in teaching the ropes of the business world. Little does he know his manager is grooming

Cyberpunk Yaoi Classic part 2

“A man could not fly without dreams, but a man who never flew never knew the fear of falling.”  Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Us Vol. 1 Strangers Rieko Yoshihara

My Thoughts on the Yuri on Ice!!! Movie Announcement and Plot Theory

I have been so busy in the last week, but there was no way I was not going to write a post about the latest news on one of my favorite franchises at this point. So they announced a Yuri on Ice!!! movie? I first read the news when a

I’ve been Nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award

I would like to thank Scott of the Mechanical Anime Reviews for nominating me to do this little challenge, it’s always a fun surprise for such a small blog as my own to get nominated for these challenges and it is always fun to take a break every now and again and

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