Month: August 2017

9 Anime That Make Me Smile

After Sunday’s Review / Rant of The Tyrant Falls in Love I needed to work on something positive so I thought why don’t I make another list since I have not done one in a while and since I needed a dose of positivity I thought I would make a list

The Tyrant Falls in Love – Boys Love Classic Review… Fuck it this is a Rant

This is a comedy story…Fuck me… Let’s see we have a character getting a hold of what can only be described as a date rape drug, another character ‘accidentally’ drinking said drug and then that character is pretty much raped. Oh but it’s ok because he is a homophobe who

Close the Last Door and the Problem Tropes Found Within Boys Love and Yaoi

‘I’m not gay, I just love him!’ This is a line that is spouted all too often within a boys love anime and or manga that causes some hate within the LGBTQ+ community and I can understand why. It can undermine the gay community with suggestions of being homosexual as

I Support Marriage Equality, but the Plebiscite is a Waste of Time and Money!

I really hate talking politics, I really do but as an Australian with a blog I feel a need to share my views on this one issue. I have always been a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and adamant fighter for Marriage Equality in Australia. As hard as it is

Kiss Him, Not Me – Anime Review

One thing I have always found fascinating within anime is the meta-joke of an anime fan within an anime series and this is probably why I have had so much enjoyment in the past from anime like Genshiken, Lucky Star, Oriemo, and the more recent Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu. There is a

Stunned Once Again by the Yuri on Ice Fandom!!!

Debuting at Magnificon 2017 in Poland, a stage performance over six months in the making Yuri on Ice the Musical blends the story of Yuri on Ice with music from of all places Grease, with lyrics customized to fit the story of Yuri on Ice. This cosplay performance is just beyond

My Thoughts and Feelings on In a Heartbeat

Since first stumbling upon this project on Tumblr some time last year, In a Heartbeat has been a short film project I have been watching with awe and fascination, for you see as well as being a yaoi fan I am also a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and could even

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