My Thoughts and Feelings on In a Heartbeat

Since first stumbling upon this project on Tumblr some time last year, In a Heartbeat has been a short film project I have been watching with awe and fascination, for you see as well as being a yaoi fan I am also a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and could even be considered part of the community because I myself identify as NonBinary.  I know there is some division between the two, that being a yaoi fan and an LGBTQ+ supporter. I have in the past been accused of fetishizing homosexuals and I know that this is true for some yaoi fans but I like to think that as I have grown and matured over the years I can see a clear the line between fantasy and reality and I try not to blend the two too often. That being said I know that some of the best fiction can be inspired by reality so the line at times can be blurred. There are many LGBTQ+ films over the years that I have enjoyed and have given me that same feeling I get from a good boys love or yaoi story and In a Heartbeat is one such piece of media that I think that not just every yaoi fan but all animation fans should check out.


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  1. Agreed, the feels this little short gave me were humongous and I’m so happy to see that it reached so much popularity and acclaim 👌✨


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