Month: October 2017

Yami no Matsuei – Boys Love Classic Review

Back when I first entered the yaoi anime fandom in the early 2000’s Yami no Matsuei was one of the few boys love anime that was a full series and I found myself watching it not long after I finished watching Gravitation. I was looking for something else within this genre

Discussing Humanity, Philosophy and Parasyte (the final edit version)

Originally posted on Yaoi Playground:
My review of Parasyte the Maxim Discussing Philosophy, Humanity and Parasyte was an unfinished piece I was working on the night before our internet got cut off at the old house. In my tired state I scheduled the unfinished piece to be uploaded at a certain date…

Mistress was Nominated for The Unique Bloggers Award!

It has been a long while since I have had a chance to take part in one f these nomination posts and I do hope my answers are amusing for everyone, especially Crimson613 over at Crimson is Blogging who nominated me for this. Thankyou! The Rules! #1 – Share the link of the blogger

What I’m Watching Fall 2017

A new anime season has begun and damn this year is just flying by!!! I was not really sure what I was going to watch this season with the exception of three anime, but after spending Saturday morning checking out a few other shows I have a list of what

6 Supernatural Anime For Fujoshi this Spooky Season!

Looking for something to sink those fujoshi teeth into this spooky season? Well I think Mistress of Yaoi has just the list for you and guess what? It’s this list! Now there sadly are not that many yaoi or boys love anime that could be called horror, but there are

Notpia – Yaoi Manga Review

Warning the following manga I am reviewing is NOT SAFE FOR WORK and most likely NOT SAFE FOR LIFE either. If you do not know what guro is, do not look up this manga.  Many have asked me every now and again what is the most disturbing yaoi I have

Sexy Yaoi Vampires with a Touch of BDSM? Yes Please!

Vampires are probably the most popular monsters when it comes to the yaoi genre, but can you really blame yaoi fans for falling in love with them. From the sensual vamps in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicle mythos to the less refine and down right cheap interpretation of these beasts in

October Spooktacular!!!

Sad fact everybody, a lot of people in Australia including my family don’t celebrate Halloween. So I have decided to celebrate the spooky side of yaoi and boys love this month on Yaoi Playground! This will include a review of the most disturbing yaoi manga I have ever read and

Hitorijime My Hero – Boys Love Review

It has been a long time since I have seen a new boys love anime that has made me sit and think, this is a perfect starting point anime for a new generation of fujoshi. I also think my family might be sick of hearing the opening theme song Heart Signal by

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