Month: January 2018

Out of Control – Manhwa Review

We all know that lesson we are taught as a child, you know the one. Don’t judge a book by a cover. Well life is not as kind as an after school PSA about being kind to each other and sure does Kim Jaerim know it. He is not one

First Impression – BJ Alex

One of the newest Manhwa to catch my attention on Lezhin Comics has been the recently released BJ Alex by Mingwa. Also BJ does not stand for blowjob my fellow yaoi lovers but Broadcast Jockey. So please get your minds out of the yaoi filled gutter for a moment, don’t

Wolf in the House – Manwha Review

What we want and what we get in life is constantly changing, but there are some things we find in life that we want to keep a hold of. The things we don’t want to change in life are the most precious of all and we would do anything to

My Magical Demon Lover – Yaoi Press Crowdfunding Campaign has Begun!

We interrupt this month of Lezhin Comics here on Yaoi Playground for a very special announcement for all you Yaoi loving gamers out there!

Killing Stalking Season 2 Review or So You Thought the First Season was Dark?

Throughout my first review of the manhwa I wrote about what about this story draws us in and the importance of stories like this being a part of the modern fiction. This is because they open dialogue for these issues in real life. After everything that happened in the second

January is Lezhin Month on Yaoi Playground!

Greetings and Salutations to 2018 and welcome to the first Lezhin Month on Yaoi Playground. In case you did not know Lezhin is a comic or manhwa reading site where you pay to read some really awesome comics, especially when it comes to BL. You pay for the comics you

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