Twitter Review Poll Results!

I should have seen this result coming when I put this title in the poll and here are the results!


Thank you to everyone who took part in this poll and oh boy this is one I have been kind of putting off reviewing because well, Papa to Kiss in the Dark was among one of the first yaoi OVA’s I watched when I was younger and has grown into a somewhat guilty pleasure anime for this fujoshi. Hope I’m not alone in the guilty pleasure part.

4 Replies to “Twitter Review Poll Results!”

  1. Lina says:

    I love Papa to Kiss In the Dark. 🤗 Looking forward to this. (although I actually didn’t vote for it at all. So many people have reviewed it, none have reviewed Fake, which was my pick. 😎)


  2. Don’t worry every anime in the poll will eventually get reviewed here

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  3. Karandi says:

    I’ve had it recommended to me but haven’t seen it. I’m kind of looking forward to your review as it might give me some incentive to get around to it.

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