Month: March 2018

Ten Count Anime Announced

As I was checking my twitter feed last night before bed and I saw the announcement. The timing of this announcement is just amazing that it came just hours after my previous post here. But yes Ten Count is getting an anime adaptation and I can tell you there are

Boys Love and Anime News

There have been quite a few anime anouncements in the last week that have got this fujoshi hyped including the announcement of two boys love series, but first I want to start with the first announcement I saw last week that has me a little bit cautious because this series

Nanbaka – Anime Review

What do you get when you take the over the top action of Deadman Wonderland, the humor of Adult Swim’s Superjail and so much fujoshi bait and banter that it will leave you giggling and squealing with glee? You get the sparkly, fluorescent wonder that is Nanbaka! I can not

Twitter Poll Results Are In!

Just scraping by the finish line when it came to voting this week, the winner of the next Boys Love review on Yaoi Playground is… Looks like this is going to be a big review because Loveless as a franchise is something I have been wanting to dive head first

Would You Buy Mistress of Yaoi A Coffee?

I want to be up front and honest with all my readers, it has taken a lot of thought and I must confess I am swallowing some of my pride with this because I really do not like asking for help, I prefer helping others. The truth of the matter

Papa to Kiss in the Dark – Boys Love Classic Review

Released in 2005 and based on the light novel by Ken Nanbara, this is one boys love classic I must admit I have been putting off reviewing because I was not sure how to tackle it exactly. It is an anime that delves into some questionable themes and with those

New Poll Up on Twitter!

That’s right I am at it again with another new Twitter poll and this months poll is about which boys love series you would love to see reviewed first here on Yaoi Playground. The choices this time around are the following… Loveless   Gakuen Heaven Sukisho Junjou Romantica S1 As always

First Stretch Goal Cleared! — Y Press Games

We hit a stretch goal!! Help us get many more! Read the update here: via First Stretch Goal Cleared! — Y Press Games A Big Congratulations to Yaoi Press for reaching the first stretch goal! Let’s keep supporting them because those threesome endings would be soooo hot!!!

First Impression – Small World

I had been meaning to check out the website LINE WEBTOON for a while now and seeing as I was looking through the app store last night and came across the sites app I figured now was as good a time as any to check them out. There is still a hole

Yaoi Playground March Update 2018

Welcome to the first of what will hopefully be a new mid month update post each month for Yaoi Playground. In these updates I will be sharing some of the most recent of posts, let you guys know what I am working on and share some yaoi news from around

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