More is revealed about the mysterious J in this episode, his connection to the mansion the student council uses and did I mention a butler cafe that would make any fujoshi swoon with joy? As serious as the tone was for much of the episode, the scenes with the handsome student council members being made […]

Weibo Reverses Gay Content Ban! Yesterday I posted Yaoi is Illegal? and as you can see from the link above, a follow up story to the previous story over on Anime News Nework Chinese social media giant Weibo has reversed their ban on homosexual theme content. This is a small win for my fellow fujoshi and fudanshi […]

You have probably already read the story on Anime News Network, but if you have not their story can be found here, but long story short. A popular Chinese social media site called Weibo, which from what I have looked into looks to be very similar to Facebook has recently banned Homosexual themed content from […]