Ancient Magus Bride – Anime Review

Over the last couple of months for me, Sunday morning has been the following routine. Wake up, make a pot of earl grey tea and make whatever it is I feel like having for breakfast whether that be toast with mulberry jam, a simple bowl of cereal or something a bit more complex. Put my breakfast and pot of tea and milk on a tray and take it back into my room, boot up my PS4 and open Crunchyroll and watch the latest episode of Ancient Magus Bride. In the time of this anime airing, I have only not done this routine once and this was because I was away from home. Watching this show became a weekly routine for me and I imagine many other anime fans around the world and there is a reason for this, there is a warmth magic to this series beyond its supernatural themes.

Beginning in the Fall 2017 anime season and completing in the Spring 2018 anime season, Ancient Magus Bride is a slow burn of an anime that gives you information about its world bit by bit each episode. This can be infuriating to some viewers who may have come into this show expecting something like Little Witch Academia with its flashy animation and out there and loud characters, but Ancient Magus Bride is not that kind of story, if I was to match its tone with any other anime I have watched I would say it has a tone very similar to that of Black Butler during it’s more serious moments. Not to say there are no funny or amusing moments within this series, there are some very cute and funny moments especially when the fairy folk turn up in the series.


The fairy folk and other magical beings throughout the series are something you do not see in a medium like anime and manga very often. Quite often within the realms of anime and manga when the supernatural comes into the story it is nearly always from eastern mythology, which of course makes sense because these would be the stories that would most fascinate the writers of modern tales in Japan. Seeing the western lore throughout the series was a very welcome change, I became especially excited when the Queen of the Fairies herself Titania and her husband Oberon king of the Fairies made their appearance within the story of this series. If you are a fan of western mythology and love tales of witches, mages, and dragons you need to check out this awesome anime series.

But the biggest draw for this series for me when it came to this series, the relationship between Chise and Elias had me hooked from the start, this could be because I have a bit of love of the beauty and the beast love story, my love of Okane Ga Nai should be enough proof of that one. But this is not your typical story of that type and I love that it breaks that mold! Yes, the beast of this story buys the beauty of the story but she does not see herself as a beauty. Chise at the beginning of the series is a very broken woman and the strange world of magic and mages that Elias pulls her into slowly brings her out of her shell and things also become obvious early on that Chise is no ordinary human and her potential is almost unlimited. We also get to learn a lot of Elias throughout the series and get to see behind the proper mask he seems to hide behind, underneath his scary appearance and deep voice he can actually at a lot of times be very immature but as we learn more about him it becomes obvious why he is this way.


If you are looking for an anime that will be a fun slow burn that will hit you over and over again emotionally I highly recommend this series enough, though I suspect if you are a hardcore anime fan you have already watched this, in my opinion, this is also a good anime to show a friend who is a fan of supernatural stories but not anime. This would make an awesome gateway anime to share with friends!

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