Month: May 2018

OWLS Blog Tour Movement |Yaoi and the History of the Fujoshi

There has been some absolutely amazing posts throughout this month from my fellow OWLS and if you are following along you will know that the theme this month has been Movement and you would have already read the amazing post from Shokamoka all about One Punch Man, I know I did

Killing Stalking News

It has been announced that on the 31st of May Killing Stalking Season 3 starts…. What to do… What to do…

Right, So… Let’s Talk About Dreaming Goddess

Vile. Deplorable. Triggering. The most disturbing thing they have ever read. We must report this to the creator of Yuri on Ice so they can sue the creator of this disgusting doujinshi!!! These were the reactions around the internet when it came to the controversial doujinshi Dreaming Goddess. First appearing

Wotakoi It’s Difficult to Love an Otaku Episode 5 Review

Hirotaka has the most adorable little brother ever and he just steals the show in this episode but that’s not to say there was not some really interesting character development. From Tarou’s own insecurities coming out through a sort of proxy jealousy for Hirotaka during an incident at the beginning

2nd Banana Fish PV Released! Well this was something awesome to wake up to this morning, sorry for the quality but the video is only available on Dailymotion for the time being, but the second  PV upcoming gritty boys love anime Banana Fish just looks amazing! It seems like with many modern adaptations of

BJ Alex – First Impression

The following review for BJ Alex will cover up to chapter 24 and I will most likely make more posts on this ongoing series in the future. Cool, confident and maybe a little bit arrogant about his sexual conquests, that is how BJ Alex comes across to his fans. He

Yaoi Playground May 2018 Update!

I have so much going on this month that I thought it was time for another update from yours truly, your Mistress of Yaoi! Yes I am doing a proper update post this month even though I did not do one last month, but to be honest last month got

Fujoshi Trapped In A Seme’s Perfect Body Vol 1-2 Review

The Yaoi Army is a publishing company I have been keeping an eye on for a while now, as I try to keep an eye out for new publishing companies in the western market that release yaoi specific stories and I have to say with what I have seen over the

Wotaku It’s Difficult to Love An Otaku Episode 4 Review

These adorable dorks! I love this anime so so much, just damn these adorkable relatable adults. It must get boring coming back each week to me gushing over these lovelies but I just can not help it. I was not expecting to love this anime as much as I am.

It Should be Common Sense in the Yaoi Fandom Right?

There is one simple statement I really must share with the community. Hardcore yaoi content is 18+ content, so please, please do not share it with those under 18, because if you do no matter where in the world you might live you are putting yourself at risk of consequences

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