Wotakoi It’s Difficult to Love an Otaku Episode 5 Review

Most Adorable Little Brother Ever!!!

Hirotaka has the most adorable little brother ever and he just steals the show in this episode but that’s not to say there was not some really interesting character development. From Tarou’s own insecurities coming out through a sort of proxy jealousy for Hirotaka during an incident at the beginning of the episode makes for some really interesting character development.

Also Narumi’s encouragement of ‘brotherly bonding’ without coming across as creepy is a pleasant surprise. With her being a fujoshi character they really could have gone down a route that has been done by fujoshi characters before in the past. I’m really glad they didn’t and can once again really appreciate the more realistic and not over the top fujoshiness of our female leads.

The introduction of Hirotaka’s adorable little brother gave the episode some really adorable emotional weight and he was an instantly lovable character I really hope we get to see again.

Look at this pure ray of Sunshine!!! 


Also I apologize for this review being a week late, I have fallen a little behind on watching this series due to internet issues, other Australians will understand when I say how fucking useless the NBN is.


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