Month: June 2018

New Yarichin Bitch-Bu PV Reveals OP

The latest PV for upcoming yaoi anime Yarichin Bitch-Bu features the animes OP sung by the cast of lovely boys. Out of all the boys love and yaoi anime that have been announced for release this year this is the one that has the yaoi community most excited and it’s

What Happened to the Wotakoi Reviews?

I have been putting off answering this question for a while now. I was so busy last month with final edits of my Pride Month posts that I just ended up falling behind on my episode by episode review of Wotakoi. Then I just stopped watching anime for a fortnight

I can only do what I yearn to Do! Otaku Teacher Review

Originally posted on Yaoi Playground:
2015 was a very hard year for me and my family. I will not go into the details of the current situation because these were and still are a very personal family issue. Because of this, I ended up using anime and other media as…

Wandering Son – Anime Review

What makes a boy a boy? What makes are girl a girl? The answer it seems is not as simple as the words found within the popular rhyme may be. Gender is a subject of hot debate over the last decade and it will continue to be in the years

Queer as Folk – The TV Show That Changed Everything

It’s all about sex, except it is also something much more culturally important. It was started in the UK in 1999, and it was going to change queer representation on television forever. Before Queer as Folk LGBTQ+ representation on television was very different. Gays were often portrayed as, that funny

Awesome Youtuber – Queer Fudanshi

Queer Fudanshi – Bringing LGBT media to deserving fans is the tag line of this awesome Youtube channel and due to recent disgusting events on YouTube I would like to feature a queer positive channel right here on Yaoi Playground for Pride Month. There are so many channels I could

Men Plus Monsters – Webcomic Review

Teratophilia, the sexual attraction to monsters, you know like that recent movie Shape of Water. I love that movie, by the way. I have come to terms with my weird tastes, moving onto the review! You know what my biggest complaint is when it comes to porn with monsters whether

Killing Stalking – Season 3 First Impression

Sangwoo’s recent kindness in the opening chapters to the latest season of Killing Stalking could be his cruelest acts towards Bum so far, but I am seeing a lot of criticism from within the Killing Stalking fandom because of recent events. The story is going all lovey dovey and the

OWLS Blog Tour Pride | My Brother’s Husband – Through The Eyes of a Child

Welcome my friends, followers, and readers to the next stop on the June Blog Tour for OWLS, if you are following along you would have already read the lovely post from Zoey over at Let’s Talk Anime. If this is your first time here on Yaoi Playground, you can call me

Anti LGBTQ+ Commercials on LGBTQ+ Videos – WTF Youtube?

Warning: This post will have a lot of swearing, I am pissed! A lot of LGBTQ+ YouTubers are pissed right now and so they fucking well should be. This post may come across as a rant because it was not a planned post for this month, but fuck it I

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