Month: July 2018

My Demon Lover Has Been Added To The MangaGamer Site For Purchase!

The first ever boys love game to be released by western yaoi producer Yaoi Press is now available for purchase over on MangaGamer! And right now it is on sale, so now would be an awesome time to check out the kinky adventure of wizard in training Tristan and his

A Cicada in Winter – Boys Love Classic Review

Before I get into the review of this OVA series a little background on the story of this anime that does not give away any plot of the story but does give some kind of context to the story told in the anime. Fuyu no Semi has a very familiar

Kiss of Fire – An Introduction to the work of Youka Nitta

Originally posted on Yaoi Playground:
When I was but a newbie to the wonderful world of yaoi I happened to stumble upon an art book while on a trip into the city to explore a shop I had been told sold manga and anime items, sadly the store no longer…

Haru Wo Daiteita – Boys Love Classic Review

Alongside titles like Gravitation and Zetsuai/Bronze when I first came into the yaoi genre this OVA right here was one of the big boys love anime you needed to watch if you were a true fan of the genre. It seems however that in recent years this anime once highly recommended

My Dictator Boyfriend – Recommended Reading!

This is currently my favorite comic over on Webtoon, I am just so in love with this satirical comedy about a young dictator who has just inherited the country from his retiring father while trying to hide from those around him that he is well gay and that is not easy

Yaoi Classic Kaze to Ki no Uta Getting First Official Release Outside of Japan

Kaze to Ki no Uta or as many will know it as Song of the Wind and Trees is a true classic of the yaoi and boys love genre and is considered by many to be one of the first yaoi manga’s even though it was released at the time

Yaoi News July 2018

Jast Blue which is a part of Jast USA a company that is an American publisher that releases English versions of Japanese games, in particular, dating sims recently announced a collaboration with Nitro+Chiral for English releases of their popular yaoi games to the west. Games announced so far include Sweet

Yuri on Ice Movie Title and Plot Reveal!

So earlier this week we had the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Yuri on Ice movie drop as well as an announcement on the plot of the movie and I just want to say one thing…I totally called it! Back in May of last year, I wrote the following

Banana Fish is not Yaoi, but it’s still Awesome!

A lot of people are kind of annoyed with many yaoi fans claiming Banana Fish is a yaoi or BL anime and they are right in saying so, Banana Fish though a popular manga amoungst fujoshi and fudanshi alike and with undertones of a deep male friendship later on in

Dramatical Murder Western Release Announcement!

I’m sorry I am a little late to the party on this announcement but July 4th, 2018, Jast Blue made the announcement on Twitter that they will be officially releasing an English version of cult classic cyberpunk yaoi classic game Dramatical Murder with a simple post simply saying coming soon. This

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