Month: October 2018

OWLS Blog Tour Grotesque | Humanity and the Grotesque of The Orc Bride

Welcome to my usual readers, to those who have randomly stumbled upon this post and of course a big welcome to those following this month’s OWLS blog tour, which has had a focus on the grotesque in honor of the spooky season. If you are following along like I have

Feeding Lamb – Manga Review

So you thought Killing Stalking was dark? And you thought Dreaming Goddess was the most disturbing thing you ever read?

People are Missing the Point of Goblin Slayer Already

I can honestly not remember the last time I have seen so much hate around the anime community for the first episode of an anime, and I know I am a little late to talk about this but I just really wanted to put my two cents into the discussion

Hardcore Yaoi Game Coming to Nintendo Switch!

What a perfect and amusing piece of yaoi news to come out in October, it fits right in with this months theme of all things spooky. Even if vampires have been done to and after death within yaoi. It is just a shame that this will be a Japan-only release,

Why I HATED Devilman Crybaby

If something is declared by the greater masses to be a masterpiece, does that mean that you have to find enjoyment in it? Of course not. Enjoyment of any sort of media will always come down to personal taste and this is a subject I have written about before on

This Boy Suffers From Crystallization Trailer

It seems that nearly every time I write up a yaoi and boys love news post something new comes up online mere hours after that post goes live. This Boy Suffers from Crystallization is probably one of the most underrated stories in the This Boy series of anime and seeing

Yaoi and Boys Love News, October 2018

New yaoi games, English releases of classic yaoi game titles and new anime to watch this season, let’s get into the yaoi news for this month! Starting out as a Kickstarter project by Meyaoi that I have been following closely through their Tumblr blog, the full version of Seiyuu Danshi

Blog Update

Sorry for the lack of new content this week after the big announcement last week, I have spent the last five days in bed with a very high fever and am just now beginning to recover, those creepy posts are on the way but in the meantime I recommend the

Of Devilman, Incubi, and Monsters

From the camp to the macabre and the downright disturbing to the mind, this spooky season your very own Mistress of Yaoi has a treat of content to share with all of you this spooky season, delve with me into madness and horror as we explore the darker side of

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