Month: February 2019

Cancer, The Ugliest of Words

To my loyal followers, readers and friends within the blogging community I want to thank you all for being patient and supportive with the little work I have posted the last couple of months here on the blog and given a change in circumstances this week and I am now

Aarinfantasy Needs Help From the Yaoi Community!

If you have been a part of the online yaoi and boys love community for any amount of time, the name Aarinfantasy will have been noticed or mentioned. The Aarinfantasy forums are one of the biggest gathering places for yaoi fans on the net as well as one of the

Doukyuusei – Boys Love Review

Falling in love is the easy part, maintaining and keeping the relationship, that is where the real challenge lies. First loves can be messy and cumbersome affairs of the heart and they can be even more complicated when they happen within our teen years. Hormones racing us forward towards the

Knight of Alanoc – Comic Review

I am so pleased to be able to cover another work by the lovely Aero Zero here on Yaoi Playground. As you guys may remember, during last year’s Pride Month I covered there comic Men Plus Monsters and I have been meaning to cover one of their other amazing comics,

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