Month: August 2020

Blogger Recognition Award 2020

Been a while since I have done one of these tagged posts. Not because I have not been tagged and to those who tag me and I don’t respond, I apologize for not taking part but a lot of it comes down to if I have time to take part

Upcoming Project Announcement

To those who follow yours truly on twitter (and if you don’t why not? I post lots of yaoi related stuff I promise) you will have already seen the following announcement but to those who have not here it is here. But what is this project? Well it is a

Chilling Killing Stalking Animation Test

Earlier this week mOss, the creator of the upcoming Killing Stalking 3D animated series decided to share an animation test of Yoon Bum and even though the model does not have hair yet. It is just a short animation test, but in just a few seconds of animation of this

Lust -Fantasy- Yaoi Manga Review

If one thing has become obvious from my reviews over the years here on Yaoi Playground have shown anything, it is that I am a sucker for unrequited and tragic love stories within the yaoi genre. My favorite animes of the genre include the original Ai no Kusabi and Winter

Why I Dropped The Titan’s Bride Anime

My expectations for this anime adaptation were low to begin with, but that should come as no surprise from my reaction to the series trailer. With each episodes short run time much of the plot is either removed or simply glossed over and yet both episode one and two feel

BL Metamorphosis Vol. 1 – Manga Review

You are never too old for fandom, whether you are sixteen or sixty if you find enjoyment in something you love, then enjoy it! Within reason of course, I’ve got nothing against teenagers reading boys love, but when it comes to the more hardcore 18+ yaoi side of things well

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