Upcoming Project Announcement

To those who follow yours truly on twitter (and if you don’t why not? I post lots of yaoi related stuff I promise) you will have already seen the following announcement but to those who have not here it is here.

But what is this project? Well it is a little something I have had on the back burner for over a year and a half now, but thinking about it realistically it could in a way go back to the whole reason as to why I started Yaoi Playground. I want to break the stigma of what is a yaoi fan and believe me there is still a stigma towards our community whether that be the squealing teenage fangirl at a convention that can be a little too touchy, to the bane that ruins every fandom we touch and in recent years being accused of fetishizing those within the LGBTQ+ community without a care for how that effects them at all, which is kind of sad because a lot of us can be found within that community.

I am still working out what the title of this project will be, but through this series of posts that will be interviews with fellow yaoi fans I want to open the eyes of those looking within the fandom that like any other fandom you will find a mixed bag of fun within.

One Reply to “Upcoming Project Announcement”

  1. 7mononoke says:

    Sounds like a great project. Good luck!


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