Month: September 2020

Hadaka Shitsuji – Yaoi Visual Novel Review

Like any visual novel Hadaka Shitsuji is a game aimed at a very specific demograph and it will not be a game for everyone. If you come into this game looking for a sweet and fluffy game where you are spoiled and pampered by handsome butlers till your hearts content,

Lover – Yaoi Manga Review

This is a manga that hardcore in your face yaoi wise right from the first page and if you are not ready for that then maybe this is not a manga for you, that being said the opening sex scene like the rest of this manga is beautifully illustrated. You

Why I Stopped Watching Seasonal Anime

The short answer is that it became a chore and I was beginning to get to the point where I was not enjoying anime anymore, yeah that is a scary thought but it was true. The moment something you love begins to feel like a burden you have to step

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