Month: October 2020

G’Day – Horror Webtoon Review

Sometimes the scariest of horror stories don’t involve supernatural phenomenon, sometimes the scariest of stories are those that have an air of reality to them that sense of ‘oh shit, this could really happen.’ It’s these kinds of stories that slither their way into your psyche as you read or

Monster and the Beast Vol 1 – Yaoi Manga Review

One is na├»ve and shy, the other a creature of carnal desire but don’t assume you know who is who by looking at the cover of this yaoi manga. There are two things I would love to see more of in boys love titles if I am completely honest, stories

Yaoi Could Soon Be Banned In Australia

No that title is not click bait, but damn do I wish it was. This post relates all the way back to a post I made in February, you know the one about Senator Stirling Griff? Well the saga of the Australian Government’s war on anime and manga has continued

Less Than Human – Horror Short Film

Kindness towards others is a lesson we all should learn as children, but as adults we seem to forget these lessons and can grow into bitter and cold adults and forgot the beauty found in small moments of kindness. Released in 2017 the short Film Less than Human explores themes

Let the Spooky Season Begin On Yaoi Playground

Greetings and salutations my lovely readers from your Mistress of Yaoi, I must apologize for the lack of content these past few weeks here on the Playground, but I have been working hard on my big project which if all goes to plan should be released January 2021! But don’t

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