Yaoi News July 3rd 2020!

Welcome to a new segment on Yaoi Playground I will be calling Yaoi News, where every Friday I will be sharing with you the latest news from the wonderful world of Yaoi and Boys Love! We will start with news on two upcoming BL/Yaoi films, and the first bit of

The Titan’s Bride Anime Trailer

Well this is an interesting development that has me both curious and a little worried. To those who do not know The Titan’s Bride is a popular yaoi isekai web manga posted on Coolmic which is a very similar site to Lezhin comics only with Japanese created content instead of

A Killing Stalking Animated Series?

I have been following the turbulent history of Killing Stalking since almost the beginning of its run over on Lezhin Comics. I have reviewed all three seasons of the manhwa in and have written pieces on its growing fandom and controversy around the contents found within its dark and deadly

Love Me For Who I Am Vol 1 – Manga Review

When I originally found this manga, I thought ‘oh it’s a cute manga about a cafe that has crossdressing girlie boys, this could be an adorably fun read’ but then this manga hit close to home for me with it’s main lead and I knew I had found something truly

A Little Bit of Pride this Month

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a bad year for everyone, from political turmoil and natural disasters to a world wide pandemic and now, I don’t even know how to describe how fucked up recent events around the world have been. It’s getting to the point where I don’t want

Alpha Hole Prison – Yaoi Game Demo Review

Astronaut Miguel Sanchez is in big trouble, he is light years away from home and whats worst he has been thrown into the most dangerous prison in the universe, The Alpha Hole Prison. A place where prisoners are not just sent for punishment but to ultimately disappear. In order to

Ten Count Vol 1 – Manga Review

Finally got a hold of volume one of this popular yaoi manga and I can happily say this is a manga that has lived up to the hype and this is not something I say often. I tend to avoid anime and manga that are over hyped because there has

Welcome to Fujocon 2020!

In this time of social isolation a lot of us are sad that we are having to miss out on anime and other pop culture conventions, a highlight of the year for many of us within many a fandom. The call has been answered online with many conventions moving to

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard – Anime Review

Every so often an anime comes out that many in the community upon its airing look over because it just does not grab a large audience only for people to, later on, sit down and watch the series and realize what a gem of a series they have stumbled upon.

Interspecies Reviewers – More Than Just Ecchi

Interspecies Reviewers is a fantasy anime about adventurers visiting brothels with different species of humanoid creatures and reviewing their time at the establishment and the girls they spend time with. What more can be said about Interspecies Reviewers that has not already been said? This series has after all been

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