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Why I Dropped The Titan’s Bride Anime

My expectations for this anime adaptation were low to begin with, but that should come as no surprise from my reaction to the series trailer. With each episodes short run time much of the plot is either removed or simply glossed over and yet both episode one and two feel

The Case Files of Jeweler Richard – Anime Review

Every so often an anime comes out that many in the community upon its airing look over because it just does not grab a large audience only for people to, later on, sit down and watch the series and realize what a gem of a series they have stumbled upon.

Is Legend of Duo the Worst Boys Love Anime Ever?

In the early 21st century humanity is on the brink of extinction during an apocalyptic outbreak of a disease simply called the disease of death and the only cure seems to be the blood from a vampire. A secret to save humanity that was revealed by a vampire that in

The Legend of Blue Wolves – Yaoi Classic Review

Legend of Blue Wolves which is also unfortunately known to English speaking audiences as Hot Space Cowboys is a yaoi OVA from 1996 that time and a large portion of the yaoi fandom has forgotten, mostly because of it’s status as an unfinished anime, for there is not exactly a complete

Yarichin Bitch Club – Episode 1 Review

One of the most anticipated anime OVA’s for the yaoi community this year and that is saying a lot considering we have even more coming up this year including Dakaichi (Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu) to begin streaming at the beginning of October and the announcement earlier this year

Magical Girl Ore – Anime Review

  Like many a 90’s kid, my introduction to the magical girls of anime came from two sources. That being the Dic dub of Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. As a kid, I loved these shows, but as I grew older and began to lean towards more action-oriented cartoons I

Nanbaka – Anime Review

What do you get when you take the over the top action of Deadman Wonderland, the humor of Adult Swim’s Superjail and so much fujoshi bait and banter that it will leave you giggling and squealing with glee? You get the sparkly, fluorescent wonder that is Nanbaka! I can not

Antique Bakery – Anime Review

After that OWLS post earlier this week it should have been obvious what this weeks review would be and why would it not be Antique Bakery? After all, even though I had to re-watch only one episode for that post, I ended up pulling out the full DVD box set from

Danganronpa The Animation – Anime Review

While playing through the first Danganronpa game I came to the realization that I had seen the anime adaptation of this game years ago and I also remembered that at the time it felt meh. I don’t remember it being bad but at the same time, I did not remember

Kiss Him, Not Me – Anime Review

One thing I have always found fascinating within anime is the meta-joke of an anime fan within an anime series and this is probably why I have had so much enjoyment in the past from anime like Genshiken, Lucky Star, Oriemo, and the more recent Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu. There is a

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