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Fanfiction Rec 1 – I Remember You

The pairing of Seto Kaiba and Joey also known as Puppyshipping was my very first favorite slash pairing within a series, in other words, it was my first OTP. (I highly recommend the video linked to OTP if you are unsure of the term as Shippers Guide to the Galaxy

I Delved Too Deeply Into Property Brothers Fanfiction So You Don’t Have To — pudding shot

  This was too fascinating a read to not share with the rest of the yaoi lovers out there. I must admit this gave me some giggles and I don’t mean towards the author oh no, just the sheer hilarity in knowing…. well I’m not the only one who thought

A Brief History of Fanfiction

This article was specially written for the third Blog Carnival, I hope everyone enjoys this post as it has been a work in progress I must confess for a couple of months. Research for this has been so much fun and I look forward to seeing what everyone thinks of

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