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A Yaoi Filled Holiday Here on the Playground!

Hot sweaty bodies, sunbathed beaches and Christmas songs in retail stores, it’s that time of year again the Christmas season is upon us all and here is hoping it will bring some much needed end of year joy to all of u. Being an Australian the Christmas season for me

BL Metamorphosis Vol. 1 – Manga Review

You are never too old for fandom, whether you are sixteen or sixty if you find enjoyment in something you love, then enjoy it! Within reason of course, I’ve got nothing against teenagers reading boys love, but when it comes to the more hardcore 18+ yaoi side of things well

Fujocon 2020 – My first Online Convention

No Yaoi News from me this week, instead I’m want to gush over the amazing time I had last weekend at not only my first online convention, but my first 18+ yaoi convention Fujocon! If you follow me on twitter you would have seen that last weekend I was more

Aarinfantasy Needs Help From the Yaoi Community!

If you have been a part of the online yaoi and boys love community for any amount of time, the name Aarinfantasy will have been noticed or mentioned. The Aarinfantasy forums are one of the biggest gathering places for yaoi fans on the net as well as one of the

Chasing Those Yaoi Feels Through ASMR and Mukbang – Featuring DICKHUNTERūüĆ∂

Those yaoi feels, it is something that is brought up in many a discussion with fans of yaoi and boys love and why they like it, I even briefly touched up it in one of my older posts. That post being Why Yaoi? In this post, I discussed what it was

OWLS Blog Tour Movement |Yaoi and the History of the Fujoshi

There has been some absolutely amazing posts throughout this month from my fellow OWLS and if you are following along you will know that the theme this month has been Movement and you would have already read the amazing post from Shokamoka all about One Punch Man, I know I did

Wotakoi It’s Difficult to Love an Otaku Episode 5 Review

Hirotaka has the most adorable little brother ever and he just steals the show in this episode but that’s not to say there was not some really interesting character development. From Tarou’s own insecurities coming out through a sort of proxy jealousy for Hirotaka during an incident at the beginning

Fujoshi Trapped In A Seme’s Perfect Body Vol 1-2 Review

The Yaoi Army is a publishing company I have been keeping an eye on for a while now, as I try to keep an eye out for new publishing companies in the western market that release yaoi specific stories and I have to say with what I have seen over the

Wotaku It’s Difficult to Love An Otaku Episode 4 Review

These adorable dorks! I love this anime so so much, just damn these adorkable relatable adults. It must get boring coming back each week to me gushing over these lovelies but I just can not help it. I was not expecting to love this anime as much as I am.

It Should be Common Sense in the Yaoi Fandom Right?

There is one simple statement I really must share with the community. Hardcore yaoi content is 18+ content, so please, please do not share it with those under 18, because if you do no matter where in the world you might live you are putting yourself at risk of consequences

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