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12 Days of Yaoi – Sleeping with the Stallion – Yaoi Manga Review

Futekiya has most definitely become one of my favourite subscription services this year and I have found so many awesome yaoi titles on there with notable favorites for me being It’s Fine if it’s just a Dream and Lust -Fantasy- and today I want to write about another of my

Lust -Fantasy- Yaoi Manga Review

If one thing has become obvious from my reviews over the years here on Yaoi Playground have shown anything, it is that I am a sucker for unrequited and tragic love stories within the yaoi genre. My favorite animes of the genre include the original Ai no Kusabi and Winter

It’s Fine Even If It’s Just a Dream – BL Manga Review

There are a lot of angst filled yaoi and boys love manga out there. From problematic tropes and depressing stories of heart break and sometimes this is what you want to read. I myself enjoy a well written dark and angst filled story, but reading these kind of stories all

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