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Chilling Killing Stalking Animation Test

Earlier this week mOss, the creator of the upcoming Killing Stalking 3D animated series decided to share an animation test of Yoon Bum and even though the model does not have hair yet. It is just a short animation test, but in just a few seconds of animation of this

A Killing Stalking Animated Series?

I have been following the turbulent history of Killing Stalking since almost the beginning of its run over on Lezhin Comics. I have reviewed all three seasons of the manhwa in and have written pieces on its growing fandom and controversy around the contents found within its dark and deadly

Killing Stalking – Season 3 First Impression

Sangwoo’s recent kindness in the opening chapters to the latest season of Killing Stalking could be his cruelest acts towards Bum so far, but I am seeing a lot of criticism from within the Killing Stalking fandom because of recent events. The story is going all lovey dovey and the

Killing Stalking News

It has been announced that on the 31st of May Killing Stalking Season 3 starts…. What to do… What to do…

Killing Stalking Season 2 Review or So You Thought the First Season was Dark?

Throughout my first review of the manhwa I wrote about what about this story draws us in and the importance of stories like this being a part of the modern fiction. This is because they open dialogue for these issues in real life. After everything that happened in the second

Lezhin Releases Killing Stalking Trailer And It Is Terrifying

Imagine my surprise in coming home from my volunteer work this afternoon and finding this within my YouTube subs… Now I have seen a lot of Killing Stalking videos around YouTube. From cosplay videos to AMV’s. Each of them were creepy in there own way because this is Killing Stalking,

Killing Me Softly – A Killing Stalking Analysis From a Yaoi Fans Point of View

When it comes to works of fiction, I am of the strong opinion that fiction is where we as humans can explore the darkest of taboos in society. It is for this reason why for me when it comes to horror, psychological horror is the kind that fascinates me to

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