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G’Day – Horror Webtoon Review

Sometimes the scariest of horror stories don’t involve supernatural phenomenon, sometimes the scariest of stories are those that have an air of reality to them that sense of ‘oh shit, this could really happen.’ It’s these kinds of stories that slither their way into your psyche as you read or

Killing Stalking News

It has been announced that on the 31st of May Killing Stalking Season 3 starts…. What to do… What to do…

Lezhin Comics Exposed

This has been a hard post for me to write as I have been an avid supporter of Lezhin for almost a year now, but as more and more of the recent news came to light about the company’s practices and treatment of the artists, there is a part of

Lezhin Releases Killing Stalking Trailer And It Is Terrifying

Imagine my surprise in coming home from my volunteer work this afternoon and finding this within my YouTube subs… Now I have seen a lot of Killing Stalking videos around YouTube. From cosplay videos to AMV’s. Each of them were creepy in there own way because this is Killing Stalking,

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