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Out of Control – Manhwa Review

We all know that lesson we are taught as a child, you know the one. Don’t judge a book by a cover. Well life is not as kind as an after school PSA about being kind to each other and sure does Kim Jaerim know it. He is not one

Killing Me Softly – A Killing Stalking Analysis From a Yaoi Fans Point of View

When it comes to works of fiction, I am of the strong opinion that fiction is where we as humans can explore the darkest of taboos in society. It is for this reason why for me when it comes to horror, psychological horror is the kind that fascinates me to

What I’m Reading: The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy

I’m so happy I’m finally writing about my favorite webcomic – The Young Protectors: Engaging the Enemy is a webcomic I have loved for a couple of years now and is a series that really needs more attention than what it gets. If you are a lover of classic superhero comics from

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