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Yuri on Ice Movie Title and Plot Reveal!

So earlier this week we had the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Yuri on Ice movie drop as well as an announcement on the plot of the movie and I just want to say one thing…I totally called it! Back in May of last year, I wrote the following

Right, So… Let’s Talk About Dreaming Goddess

Vile. Deplorable. Triggering. The most disturbing thing they have ever read. We must report this to the creator of Yuri on Ice so they can sue the creator of this disgusting doujinshi!!! These were the reactions around the internet when it came to the controversial doujinshi Dreaming Goddess. First appearing

The Day Yuri on Ice Came Full Circle

During the Pair Skating competition at the Winter 2018 Olympic Games something amazing happened that had many a Yuri on Ice fan cheering for joy, the Japanese pair of Miu Sazaki and Ryuichi Kihara performed a beautifully stunning set to the track Yuri on Ice from the anime. In this

Stunned Once Again by the Yuri on Ice Fandom!!!

Debuting at Magnificon 2017 in Poland, a stage performance over six months in the making Yuri on Ice the Musical blends the story of Yuri on Ice with music from of all places Grease, with lyrics customized to fit the story of Yuri on Ice. This cosplay performance is just beyond

My Thoughts on the Yuri on Ice!!! Movie Announcement and Plot Theory

I have been so busy in the last week, but there was no way I was not going to write a post about the latest news on one of my favorite franchises at this point. So they announced a Yuri on Ice!!! movie? I first read the news when a

Yuri!!! on Ice – Welcome to the Madness PV – Reaction

  I would have screamed at the top of my fangirl lungs when I first saw this on twitter earlier today, but seeing as I did not want to get in trouble with the family I had to keep excitement contained! As soon as those opening cords to Welcome to

Fanfiction Rec 12: Maelstrom

If Yuri!!! On Ice has taught me anything my readers, it is how fast a new fandom can be born, from the very first ep we had gushing fangirls and shippers jumping on board for the pairing that has been nicknamed Victuri and with the explosion of any new fandom

The Character of Music Makes Yuri!!! On Ice

A large cast of characters in an anime series can be both a blessing and a curse all at once. On the one hand having several different character types in a series can broaden the audience you want to bring in as a creator, if there is a popular character

Yuri!!! on Ice – Anime Review

When the anime first started airing at the beginning of the Fall season, at first I could not get into the first episode and I almost dropped the series.

Voice of the Fandom – Awesome Yuri on Ice Parodies!!!

At the time of me writing this I have not seen the final episode of Yuri on Ice, so please I beg my readers please don’t spoil the ending for me pretty please!! Anime english cover’s are a dime a dozen on youtube but in recent weeks I discovered an

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